A Clean Slate: Goodbye Memories

As the new year started, I placed all my desktop and phone files in my hardrive to reformat/reset my devices. I even organized everything. But out of nowhere, my hardrive stopped working. A moment of silence for the files that I’ve lost… *deep sigh* what a way to start the new year 🙄 My only backup drive, fucked up. And all my files are gone. All of them. I don’t even want to go through each and every file that was there anymore because it really breaks my heart thinking that they’re gone and to think of it over and over again is just exhausting.


Digital Painting


I painted Lee Min Ho for my friend, Aila because I thought of giving her a gift that is something I’ve made for her 18th birthday (which is already 2 months late actually hehe). Also, I was motivated to draw after binge watching W – two worlds. The huge tablet there was calling me!

Anyway, this one’s my second digital painting. The first one was a landscape that I made for my design workshop class but I wasn’t satisfied with it since I didn’t take it seriously.