Life lately


I feel so irresponsible for not updating my blog because I promised myself to keep it active this time so here I am!

Sleep paralysis and moving in to a new room

To be honest, I never experience these kind of situations until I’ve had my first one at our dormitory in my previous room. At first of course, I was terrified. I told my parents and my friends about it. Since my mom was so worried, she called the dormitory’s information and requested to bless our room. A few weeks later, I got to experience it again and again until I got over it without even telling anyone. Suddenly, I got to undergo an even more terrifying experience. I quickly searched for dormitories that I could suggest my mom for me to move in. I called her and told me she’ll get things done and come in a week. (HUHU I love my mom)

We searched for dormitories near my college building but my current dorm (which is 15 minutes far from my building) is still the best. So she told me to try switching to a new room instead.


As the 2nd term began, I noticed that I could hardly read from afar. It was heart breaking! I never expected my eyes to have such a problem.


Of course, I wouldn’t miss keeping up to date by watching Korean dramas! I just got to finish watching Goblin and man, their cinematography was the best! And I love

New hair style

It’s been a long time since I started contemplating about how short would I get my hair cut and finally been able to do it without any complains! I love my hair and people love it too!

Third week of February weather

I’ve been loving the cold weather we had recently but unfortunately, it was just for a while. I could already feel the heat again.


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