Korean Drama Fandom Effects


Ever since I started watching Descendants of the Sun, I couldn’t help myself from looking back to my grade school self, watching Korean dramas with our house helper and how our hearts would melt from too much kilig. I swear, they never fail in making my heart flutter! That’s why I thought about watching more. And here I am, binge watching over these series.

So far, I’ve watched Doctors, High School Love On and W Two Worlds and these are what I got from watching them.

Descendants of the Sun. As one of the best dramas, I swear, I got totally insane watching this. I never expected to see myself screaming, punching my bed and kicking in the air so much.

Doctors. I think I watched this before our final exam week. I still remember that Friday night worrying about all the things I have to accomplish. Out of the blue, I started watching 4 episodes of Doctors. As the sun rise, I told myself to just watch 1 episode for the day and start working already. But I ended up watching the whole day.

High School Love On. Beginning to use and repeat the basic Korean language because Yi Seul Bi got me (especially when saying “sorry”!).

W – Two Worlds. One of the most intense drama I’ve watched so far. In fact, this drama motivated me to paint with my tablet.

Currently, I’m watching The Legend of the Blue Sea and Doctor Stranger.


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