Zalora Wishlist + 15% off Voucher Code

Zalora Wishlist

I found myself browsing again at Zalora and I couldn’t get these items off my mind because I want them so bad!

I am in need of new tops and by need, I mean it. I had my closet cleaned up and I realized that 70% of the clothes that I bought aren’t really used that much. So if you’d like to check my pre-loved clothes you may check out @shopats on instagram. And from now on whenever I get to see something I want, I should decide well. (Well honestly it’s really hard to decide so you can do it self *pats self*)

Factorie crop ribbed ringer tee. So these tops caught my eyes because its semi-cropped (i think), not the typical type of ringer tees that you’d usually see, its cute and I’d be able to use them both on the lazy days and the feel-ko-pumorma-ngayon days.

Something Borrowed buttoned down denim skirt. Let’s talk about Descendants of the Sun fashown. YES! Actually it’s been in my wishlist for as long as I can remember but Kang Mo Yeon made me want to get my own buttoned down denim skirt even more so I think it’s time to get my own.

Factorie splendour sunnies. This one caught my eyes as well because its tint is unique!

And that’s it for my Zalora wishlist! If you’re interested to buy something at Zalora and you want to save up (duh who doesn’t Patricia) well, this one’s for you!


Take note that this one’s for first timers only but if you want to use this code, you can always create a new account (that’s what I mostly do hehe).


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